30 August 2023

This is an archive of the writing and research surrounding the Colophon Cards project.

The initial work on Colophon Cards was funded by The Icelandic Centre for Research’s Technology Development Fund. I had originally hoped to get a grant to further develop the project from that fund, but that fell through. I’m still hoping to restart work on the project, but in the absence of funding the scope will inevitably be much more limited and is likely to look very different from the vision presented in this archive.

The Making of Colophon Cards

Notes on the making of Colophon Cards

  1. The original front page
  2. Design Notes
  3. The Data Model
  4. The Sharing Model
  5. Attachments and Bookmarks
  6. Reading and Viewing
  7. The Business Model
  8. Questions that will need to be answered
  9. HTML Sketches: Whither Cards?
  10. Working Spaces: Using Cards to Make Cards
  11. The Curious Case of the Colophon Cards Survey Results
  12. What I learned about markdown from interviewing a bunch of people (baldurbjarnason.com)
  13. The different kinds of notes (baldurbjarnason.com)
  14. On online collaboration and our obligations as makers of software (baldurbjarnason.com)